This website is intended be a collection of the various projects I have completed throughout my studies at ECPI University, as well as my personal projects. It makes use of PHP to include files depending on which link the user clicks on and HighslideJS for enlarging image thumbnails. I also use jQuery to inject target="_blank" into external links and retain the validity of my XHTML.


My name is Michael Hendrix, and I graduated from Frank W. Cox High School in Virginia Beach. After a few years of attending college part-time, I came to ECPI University's Greenville, SC campus to begin the process of completing a degree program (full-time). In December of 2011, I graduated from their web development program with a bachelor's degree. As part of the requirement for degree completion, I completed an internship at Hannush Enterprises in downtown Greenville as a "junior programmer". While working at Hannush, duties/tasks I performed included (but were not limited to) Joomla/WordPress installations, template cut-ins, content/article generation, and custom programming (e.g. contact forms).

In its current form, my portfolio is a hand-coded website, which allows me to ensure that the code validates against the XHTML 1.1 document type. I am working on porting it to Joomla, however, it will not be publicly released until I can decide on a host for both of my domains.