Below is the source code used to render my portfolio site. The script includes files to create the HTML header and footer as well as the navigation links. It also dynamically includes content files based on the contents of the page variable.
The highlight_file() function was used to generate the source code.

if (isset($_REQUEST["page"]))
$page preg_replace("[a-zA-Z]"" "$_REQUEST["page"]);
$page "main";
$fpage "./inc_" $page ".php";
"\n<div id=\"content\">\n");
            if (isset(
$page) && file_exists($fpage))
"index_footer.php");    ?>


        <div id="footer">
            <p>HendrixWeb &copy;Michael Hendrix 2011-2012</p>
if (isset($page) && file_exists($fpage))
                    if (
$page != "source")
"<p><a href=\";ucn_task=conformance\" class=\"new-window\"><img src=\"img/valid.png\" width=\"165\" height=\"15\" alt=\"Valid XHTML1.1\" title=\"Valid XHTML1.1 and CSS\" /></a></p>");

$sub_fpage substr($fpage6, -4) . " page";    //strip filetype and such from filename
echo("<p>$sub_fpage last modified: " date("Y-m-d H:i:s."filemtime($fpage)) . "</p>");